So who would buy one of these...?

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So who would buy one of these...?

Postby bonger » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:09 pm

Loking on ebay for inverters and came across this puppy ... 4151f9f04c

seems way to cheap for my liking including free postage when you look at something like this from springers (yes i mention the name again) which has something like this...

which is only a 750W inverter for a hell of lot more expensive....

Any of you out there had more experience on this front?

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Re: So who would buy one of these...?

Postby Rosco1 » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:24 am

Bonger...I have 3 inverters all bought on line and all a hell-a-va lot cheaper than shopping at Springers.
The reason we have 3 is,,,,The big one (4000.....max 7500w) in the bus (just remember the bigger they are...the more battery to run them)...Remember though,,,if say you are running a 1000w microwave, then it takes about 2000w to get them started,,,then they reduce back to 1000w running power.
The 2nd one is in the Patrol for when I'm away working...then I can run this (computer) etc...charge my phones,camera etc under controlled sinewave stream....(no power charges)...
3rd one I've just bought and thats only 300w....but will stay mounted in the Camper Trailer again to run the computer,,tv,charge phones,camera etc.
We have had no problems with them .
There are generators out there now as an example,,,now that Honda have done their 10 yr patient period,,,,every man & his dog are out there selling them dead cheap now....all copying the honda....but 100's $$$$$ less

Good luck & good buying

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