NSW - Crookhaven Heads Tourist Park

NSW - Crookhaven Heads Tourist Park

Postby mummeee74 » Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:01 pm

We stayed at this park over the Xmas/New Year period, actually we piked out New year's eve day as our 1yo is not a great sleeper at the best of times, so we thought it might be a more peaceful New Year for us if he was at home.

This was our first camping trip as a family and our first camping trip with our new camping trailer. So I don't have a lot to compare this park with!

For starters it is a huge park (200 sites) people everywhere!! But the amenities were kept clean and usually weirdly enough there were not huge delays for showers... I think in hindsight this was because a lot of the on-site vans actually have their own bathrooms.

Apparently there have been some major reshuffling of the on-site vans in the end of the park we stayed and I think they have done a great job, they have opened up big areas of grass (and it was green which as a Sydneysider is amazing!) which gives the camping a nicer feel. The amenities closest to us were very new, and they have installed a few cabins and group of about 5 I think ensuite sites which are in an area with quite a few shady trees.

The whole park perimeter is fenced and you need a key to access any of the gates, there are boomgates at the entrance operated by a keypad pin number.

There is a covered pool area and kids playground with softfall underneath. We actually didn't use the pool, as we are a bit picky and nothing looks as clean as our pool at home, but that is probably because it was saltwater? But hey we have no probs with the beach LOL! The playground was OK for my 3yo but really not suitable for my 1yo, he tried to fly a couple of times and I ate my heart.

The beach is within earshot and it is patrolled (small area) over the peak holiday periods (I believe). It is a surf beach so again not completely suitable for my under 5's. Great for the 8-12yo's I think as the waves weren't huge (while we were there anyway) but there were lots of kids in that age group having fun with their bodyboards.

And the best bit was the office sold ice-creams, what else could you want?

This was our view to the amenities and just beyond those shrubs is the beach. We thought we were lucky with this open area in such a busy park, but ofcourse it was eventually filled with a huge group and the kids lost their cricket pitch.


And here's a nice shot of my washing, which fell over a zillion times, mental note for next time, peg it down!
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Postby HGMonaro » Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:04 am

you've just given me a reason to say no to getting a pool at home... wouldn't want to get in caravan park ones cause they may not be as clean! lol!

At the last park we stayed at (also trying our new camper) they had this thing called a "bouncy pillow" which was like a bouncy castle with no walls and shaped a bit like Uluru. Receipe for disaster was all I could see... especially when my WWF wrestling tag team duo of sons hit it. Surprisingly, there were no permanent injuries, just a few bruises for collisions.
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Postby mummeee74 » Mon Jan 15, 2007 3:33 pm

I am sure the pool at the park was clean, it's just we like ours when we know we have tested it and it's perfect, DH is a bit *SPAM* and it's contagious.

OMG! Bouncy pillow with how many kids on it! Sounds like casualty dept to me too! Kids are tough though I guess.
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Postby elpaulos » Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:08 pm

Nice piccies. I want to go camping now
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