New tent !!! What do you think? Tarp advice?

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New tent !!! What do you think? Tarp advice?

Postby andriesbike » Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:46 pm

Hi All,

Finally talked my wife into the 'camping thing' with the family :grin: (2 kids 9 & 5); did my research and have ordered an Oztrail 15x12 cabin tent (please tell me if I've made a mistake).

I'd love any hints/tips, and any advice you can give on a tarp, do I need one? how big? how do I set it up?

We're going to start at the 'resort parks' (eg Big 4)... and I hope to work us 'up' from there. :lol:

Thanks, Andries.

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Postby mytribe » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:07 am

I have no idea, we take 4 kids camping with us 14,7,5 and 3yrs of age, not sure how big our tents are but we take 3, a 4man, 6 man and a little dome tent for the 14yr old. Put 7&5yr old in the 4man and the other half and I, along with the 3yr old and the dog sleep in the 6 man :grin:

The only time we've used a tarp was when it was raining at Easter last year.
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Postby Komodo » Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:30 am

Cabin tents are great.

and a 15 x 12 should be enough for a family of your size and ages.

How ever if camping becomes a regular thing in your family you might look to getting a 3-4 person dome for the kids eventually especially if going for extended periods of time.

As for the tarp - what do you intend on using it for? most, if not all, tents these days are waterproof enough that they do not need a "waterproof" fly / tarp over the top - especially cabin tents. If you are talking about a tarp for a kitchen / dinning area then my advice is Kmart. for about $50 - 60 they have a "jackaroo" brand tarp with everything included poles, pegs, guy ropes etc. My advice though is to invest in some guy rope springs and some larger pegs because the pegs that come with it are a bit ordinary and guy rope springs are a good idea on a tarp because they take up alot of the wind.

The thing I like about the Kmart dinning tarp is that every thing is included poles ropes pegs. you can upgrade the individual items as time goes on and your garunteed not to have forgotten to purchace anything (except maybe a mallet to knock the pegs in with). The trap is reasonably high quality and the price is right when you compare it to buying all the components individually.

Other wise if you are looking to go out and buy the components individually then bunnings sell the softer 3mm blind cord (which is actually heavier duty than most tents guy ropes) in 20mtr packages for about $12. Aussie disposals also sell it off the reel ($0.30 per meter) except make sure to dunk it in some HOT water before you use it as its stiff as a board other wise.

Aussie disposals sells 7" pegs pretty cheap (cant remember exactly how much).

The other use for a trap is over the top of your tent to protect it from the sun a little to keep it cooler. Not so much of an issue with cabin tents as they open up better and stay cooler being open. Also being in mainstream type parks theres generally plenty of over head cover given by the trees.

Any way thats enough of my ramble. Have fun

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