What fridge to get

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What fridge to get

Postby mawilkinson » Tue Jan 23, 2007 12:34 am

Hi all
I am looking to get a fridge soon. I am not interested in brands etc but need to know about 2 way vs 3 way.

According to my research the 2 way is a better fridge, more efficient etc. the 3 way obviously has the versatility of gas.

I currently have a second batt(deep cycle) in my truck so the fridge would run off that if i get 2 way. I just don't want to the batt to drain if we go away for a week or so.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Postby Komodo » Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:03 am

What sort of size are you looking to get and how much roughly are you looking to spend?

Engel and Waeco fridges have similar power requirements because they both use the same compressor. Most fridges are also more efficient off 24V than 12V.
What size is your second battery ((C20) AH not CCA)?
How long do you plan to run the fridge without driving the car?
Do you have dual battery isolation? ie redarc

I get roughly 3-4 days off my 100AH batteries running the fridge at full and using the turbo function 2 times a day (after lunch and dinner due to having the fridge open so often)

I dont use any extra cooling aids like a lot of people (ie ice packs) to save battery power.

I have a Weaco CF80 (80ltr 12/24V fridge/freezer)

Im expreimenting with 24V power ATM and im finding that having the two batteries in parrallel (200AH @ 12V) give me about 7-8 days and running them in series (100AH @ 24V) gives me closer to 10 days.

These figures are based on a static setup - ie no driving so the batteries receive no charge what so ever during that time.

Most people use a 90 - 100AH battery connected to the car and take the car for a drive for a bit every couple of days to give the batter a charge (20-30 minutes of driving will generally charge the battery to about 85% capacity and most cars wont charge much over 85 - 90% capacity any way)
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