Patonga NSW Central Coast

Patonga NSW Central Coast

Postby plustips » Wed Jan 24, 2007 12:34 pm

Hi, We have been to Patonga Camping Site twice. It is run by the Gosford Council and is a great site for kids. It has a huge playground, tennis courts, full amenities and Patonga creek meets with the ocean and is clean and shallow in parts for swimming. The beach is large and plenty of room for cricket or footy. It has a boat ramp and security guards till 1am at night. It is not far from Ettalong shopping centre which has supermarkets and shops and the local fish and chip shop is pretty good.

Only one bad thing happened to us when some unmentionable stole our safety D-shackle and took most of our petrol from our boat. This was pretty nasty when we had a campsite full of kids and if we were stranded out in the boat or the boat came loose from the trailer it could have risked our lives. We reported this to council so hopefully no one else will suffer. Nothing was taken from our campsite but I suppose the days of trusting fellow camper is disintigrating so we will be taking locks for the tents now no matter where we go.

Patonga is a great place for us as it is only 1/2 hour from home but felt miles away. Hope other enjoy it. Plustips
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Postby mummeee74 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:00 pm

Great thanks for posting! Sounds like a great place for our next trip. :lol:
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Postby mummeee74 » Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:21 pm

Great Spot! We were there this weekend and it was packed, I was so surprised it was nearly completely full. They have upgraded the playground and it's the best playground I have ever seen, I took all my effort to keep my hubby off that climbing ball thingy for the older kids. The only thing I would change is that they need more speed humps to slow the cars down especially at the entrance as it is right near the playground and my 18mth old kept wanting to run straight across the road to the playground, regardless of cars - accident waiting to happen.

Got any more fav spots I can steal???? :lol:
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Postby Woodsy » Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:29 pm

I live near Patonga and yes it is a great spot and feels miles from no where. You will probably find that it was'nt a fellow camper but some low life local that stole your D shackle. Although on my trailer i run a D shackle all the time but when we go camping i will be running a Heavy Duty padlock. It won't stop them but it will slow them down enough for me to WALLOP :$ them Hehe.


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Postby Gary's Family » Sat Mar 24, 2007 6:13 am

We were there a few weeks ago and it was packed. Nice location, but we prefer less people. The manager said it all depends which weekend you go. The week after we had booked in there was plenty of vacancies. Also, the sites vary significantly in size, we had a large site, but the people opposite were crammed into a site half the size of ours and they were almost on top of us.
Nice location if you don't mind the crowds. Reccomend visit during quieter months or during the week.

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