Clean up the camp sites

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Re: Clean up the camp sites

Postby Val n Rob » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:45 pm


tena koe i tenei ahiahi Rosco (good evening Rosco),
Thanks for your reply, funny the things we are taught when we are children stick in our minds. Like cleaning up before leaving a campsite, and leaving the land as we found it or in better condition. The whenua (land) we live on is of primary importance. If we don't look after it, it and us will surely die.
Hopefully we can look after Mother Earth so she will be here for our descendants to enjoy..

Ka kite ano

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Re: Clean up the camp sites

Postby Woodsy » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:41 am

I always give our camp sites a good look over before and after we leave, Try to leave no trace that we camped there. One of my gripes is people who rope off a HUGE area for themselves and there mates who are coming up in the next few days! That really bugs me!

Last time we went to Mungo Brush there was a Ute doing laps of camp sites with a couch in the back and it was full of yobbo's drinking beer, next day we headed into town and here was the same couch dumped on the side of the road near the golf course.. The cops need to get tougher!!

Can we have a shame file? Numberplate and a pic of the offenders.... Might cause some probs though...
Cheers Josh
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