Cabin tent? or not?...

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Cabin tent? or not?...

Postby Komodo » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:16 pm


Heres the deal. My sister and brother in law have no camping equiptment whatso ever other than some sleeping bags. My girlfrind and I have spare bedding and pretty much everything else they would need to come away with the two of us - all bar one thing... A spare tent.

Well actually thats a lie, I have 2 spare dome tents. Ones very small and the other is very awkward to setup and take up a lot of room on a camp site.

But they are interested in purchasing a tent for themselves and looking to spend upto $250 - $300 on a good 4 - 6 person tent.
I believe for that kind of money you get a decent polyester dome.
$500 buys a good canvas dome so I could offer them my tent for say $150 (Caribee Challenger 4) and I could buy my self a new canvas dome. (why? because I want to see how good they are...).

The other option is that they arent really into the camping thing by themselves like my girlfreind at I are and would probably spend most of their time camping with us and as we get older I can only see tiny tots coming along with us too. So now im starting to think hrmm $1200 buys a rather large Cabin tent such as the OzTrail CHATEAU 12 Cabin tent.

Supposedly the chateau 12 sleeps 16 people - so im guessing it probably sleeps 10 comfortably. So the two couples and a few kids each...
My sisters husband is keen on this idea and going halfs in the cost - he is even willing to pay for it all up front and let me pay him off over 6 months (soudns good to me). How ever im a little dubious. Not about sharing a tent or having so many people in a tent. No im dubious about how much room is needed to setup a tent of that size. Surely a tent that size limits where you can camp. I know most of the national parks ive stayed in have quite small camping areas - we some times stuggle to set the Caribee challenger 4 and the tarp up over the kitchen on some of the sites weve stayed at.
So im more inclined to suggest that they just get their own dome - or smaller cabin tent that way they have their own tent if we are on smaller site then they can set up on a nearby site or if we have a large open site then we can setup close by.
The only issue i see with this idea is when kids do come along (not to distant future with my sister I'm lead to believe) that we would still need another tent or two to sleep kids in - which may bne an issue particularly when they are very young...

Your thoughts? :?
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Postby mytribe » Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:54 pm

I'm not sure on what the best option is, but we've got 3 tents we set up and have never had a problem with space, granted we don't stay in national parks, only state forests due to the no dogs rules but I'm sure space wise it would be roughly the same.

We've got a little Spiniafex Jindabyne 2man tent, an Oztrail 4V and one similar to an Oztrail 4V plus Dome that is supposed to sleep 6.
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Postby mawilkinson » Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:35 am

I have an oztrail cabin tent. Very happy with it. Don't use it any more as we have a camper trailer

Heaps of room and pretty easy to setup.
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Postby bugsssy » Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:58 am

I can honestly say if you wanted two families in one cabin tent you will have plenty of room if it’s a two room oz trail. You’d even be wise to pay the extra $150 and get the front room walls for it to give you a bit more room if you can afford that bit extra to give you kitchen space or for bags and storage area.

Take a look at our set up on another thread and you can see how we set up with a two room canvas cabin tent with front room. We usually go away with two adults and four kids and we have another baby on the way and we have enough room to swing a cat and it only takes us just over an hour to set everything up now that we have it down pat. We set up with a basinet and queen size air mattress in the back room and two sets of Oz trail bunk beds for the kids in the front room and then have a table and bar fridge in the additional front room with toasters sterilizers and bottle warmers. All the mod cons as we only stay in tourist parks atm with the little ones as they need showers and toilets and Hubby wanting powered sites for his lights.

The tent has been set up in national parks and we have had no problems setting up as you don’t need the space around the outside of the tent for ropes as you do with domes to hold them down as you peg the base and then lift the cabins into place with the poles and its very sturdy. We had gustily winds away recently and the view of dome tents going sideways was rather amusing where as we stood firm and didn’t budge.

I say if you are looking at getting the cabin tent because you will be expanding the family I’d purchase the tent alone and then you always have it and hand on your smaller tents to your sister and brother in law if they don’t camp as much. You can always just take the cabin tent away when you all go away together but i can assure you having those extra tents for kids as they get older is a great idea to give you a bit of space and then you don’t have to worry about keeping them up all night.

Hope this helps a bit and its what we have found works for us and our friends that join us.
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Postby Komodo » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:12 pm

Thanks for the reply Bugsssy

That set up looks great! Looks like a great park to stay at with the young'ns too!

ATM we have decided to go with just another dome (another Challenger 4 incidentally as they were run out stock and were dramatically reduced) We have decided though that we will see how we go with a couple of trips then go from there with getting a cabin tent. We figure a Dome wont go astray either way
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