Camping in Melbourne!?

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Camping in Melbourne!?

Postby Benjamin W » Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:38 pm

Hello all,

My name is Ben & I'm about to start my travels proper in Australia (with my girlfriend). We will be heading to Melbourne on 1st Jan and I was wondering if any of you kind people know of any cheap/free camp sites and for that matter anywhere we can get hold of a cheap tent (we are on a tight budget! :}). Ideally we would need to be able to get to the campsite from the city proper without spending a fortune on a hire car/taxi. Perhaps this isn't possible but thought I would put it to you guys.

Many thanks & kind regards,

Benjamin W
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Re: Camping in Melbourne!?

Postby Bradd » Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:01 pm

Melbourne is a Major city of something like 5 million people.
There is not really much in the way of "camp sites"
and any Caravan park in Melbourne I wouldn't call camping, most are cabins and caravans

You will need to get out of the city, Country trains are reasonably priced
Do you have any Idea which direction you would prefer to travel ?
eg, North, East or West (south will get you in the bay lol)

I live 230 km West of Melbourne in a town called Stawell
Stawell is only 20 minutes from the Grampians National Park ( Train and bus from Mlebourne)
It's a very beautiful National park and camping fees are about $13 per night per site (no reservations)
Halls Gap is the main tourist town there with a few Caravan Parks. (eg )

Some nice photos of Grampians here ... rd/1788/en

Many National parks, State Parks have free camping areas
State Forests also have free camping areas.
But not always near public transport.

Check out for some good free / low cost camps

Cheap tent ?
If you are after a basic 2 - 3 person dome tent, a new one can cost you as little as $30 - $50
or as much as hundreds of $$$
Example ... escription

If you can narrow it down to a preferred area ( beach, mountains, rivers, lakes, full of tourists or peaceful bush)
you will get more / better advice
Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations.
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