12V Lanterns - any recommendations?

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12V Lanterns - any recommendations?

Postby Neil M » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:03 am


Can anyone recommend a good 12V lantern? Looking for one that is rechargable and has different light settings so it can last a few days before recharging. Are there any solar powered ones?
Neil M
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Re: 12V Lanterns - any recommendations?

Postby Lockyer » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:34 am

Goodaye Neil

Firstly welcome to the forum, we may not be a busy forum but we're a friendly lot... :grin:

12 V lantern or do you mean a rechargerable lantern ??

We have a Primus 9 watt rechargerable lantern, which can be recharged via 240 V or 12 V, I have a timer set in my shed on one of the power points that only runs 15min's a day I leave the 240 V charger on that and just plug the lantern in when we come home from camping, it tops it up and doesn't over charge it.
While away will have a solar/battery/fridge setup and if the lantern loses power I plug it into the battery or if we're driving around I plug it into the car ciggy lighter and it recharges in approx 2 hours.
The light runs for approx 15 hours before needing to be recharged, we have never flatten our lantern yet.

The only thing I wish was around when we bought our lantern, is the remote switch one's, as our switch is on top of the lantern and we hang it up hight to light under our annexe and is a pain have to lift it down and up all the time to swich on and off.

Cheers :hello:
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Re: 12V Lanterns - any recommendations?

Postby Woodsy » Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:45 pm

The coleman cpx6 range is pretty good, depending on the lantern it will either come with a empty battery pack that takes 4 d size batteries and a rechargable battery pack or just the empty battery pack.

They are 12v and 240v rechargable, you can buy new rechargable battery packs with rechargers for $40 as the rechargable battery packs are not covered under warranty most people just buy another rechargable battery pack.

There are other ranges out there as well which are just as good.
Cheers Josh
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Re: 12V Lanterns - any recommendations?

Postby Komodo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:55 pm

12V lantern - most are 6V with CCFL bulbs and even these are slowly fading out LED is the future.

I used to be a huge one for CCFL lanterns but these days I'm all for LED (some of the SMD LEDs are insanely bright for very low power draw). Though lately I've gone back to my small 120 "watt" LP lantern with a mesh diffuser (glass sucks - breaks too often) as I kind of like the soft light and the "hiss"

IMO if you want a camp light and rechargable then the 4x4equip light and light stand is the way to go. Not cheap but quality never is. It'll outlast other options and you can use it with different batterys or even combined with solar etc
Light pole options : [url]http://www.4x4equip.com.au/listProduct/Camping+Accessories/Free+Standing+Light+or+Shower+Pole+Kit[url]
Battery pack options : [url]http://www.4x4equip.com.au/4wheeldrive-camping/Camping+Accessories/Battery+Packs+and+12+Volt+Accessories[url]

Or course depending on how handy you are you could cobble something similar together with generic tent poles available are k-mart / big-W etc a small sealed battery from jaycar and a versalite or similar.

I also use Ledlenser H7R head lamps. Not cheap but rechargable and bright as you like. Great for cooking, working on the car on a track in the dark, playing spotlight with kids, general torch dutys but keeping your hands free. We use ours lal the time for taking the dog to the park because I dont get home till it after dark.
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