Knorrit Flat - Reviewed

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Knorrit Flat - Reviewed

Postby John G » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:03 pm
Location: Taree then west to Wingham then west to Mount George Then approx 15 minutes from Mount George. 40 Klm from Wingham to camp gates.

Getting there: Freeway to Taree, Tar roads to Camp Entrance. Office is on a hilltop above the camp. Decent to camp is 300m 45 degree slope on dirt/paver road. Low gear in the dry.. pray in the wet. Blue signs point the way at the one corner that might be missed, if it wasn't there.

Who/What: Majority of people camp in tents/camper trailers, though easter is known to be the caravan crowd. Sites are large enough for 3 Family domes (8-9 sleep) with room to spare for a camp kitchen and still not step on the fireplace/bonfire. Family's dominated the camp, the flat road through the camp is kids riding up and down if they aren't in the river.

Is taken from the view of the furthest campsite. Amenties on the middle left. River on the right.

What is there: River flats camping with a sloping hill down to the Nowendoc River. Hot water showers fed by river water. Variety of river depth (depending on flow) provides variety of depth, places where teens can jump from a dirt cliff down to a gentle trickle in 1 foot of water for toddlers. River rapid runs are organised 2-3 times daily and the camp bus will drive people up to drop off for $1 a go or $5 unlimited. Rapid runs take 15-45 minutes, depending on river flow.

Hosts: The hosts are Dot and Gordon and are very active around the camp. They even run (sell) bread, ice and cold drinks down to the flats twice a day and also do a quick whip around on dark to check for any problems.

Pros: Almost every camp site is 90% flat. A quick chip at some dirt will level out any table that isn't flat.
If you are camping on the river side of the flat, alot of sites can see the river (and your kids) from your campsite.
Each campsite has shade from some direction. Most sites have a large tree (very few widowmakers seen)
The shower block has Hot showers and flush toilets
River water on tap not to far from most camps (with reminder signs to boil before use)
Lots of river bank/area for kids to explore
Fishing down river (long open flat water, so no kids rapiding through)
Canoeing over 5klms, mostly flat water
Campsites are numbered, and pretty easy to work out 'boundaries'... either a tree or fireplace.
Families are capped at $39 per night.

Cons: The driveway down is steep. Wet weather would make it hairy to get out of.
The shower block has no lighting.
Australia Day, Easter and Christmas/NewYears is booked out till 2015.
The rocky river is rough on feet (buy river/surf boots before you go)
The next door neighbour is a nut and fires his gun 'hunting' all times of the day or night.
We had people rock up at 10am for our campsite, even though we were told 'after lunch' was fine to be leaving. To their credit they admitted to being early, and sat under a tree and waited patiently.
Firewood was overpriced (To me at least, tho I live beside a state forest... )
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Re: Knorrit Flat - Reviewed

Postby GypsyLady » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:06 pm

Looks fabulous, thanks for the report and Pics, they are wonderful John.
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Re: Knorrit Flat - Reviewed

Postby padfoot » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:48 pm

That's another brilliant report John. I have very much enjoyed reading them.
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