Brisbane- Wanted beach campers 4 holidays

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Brisbane- Wanted beach campers 4 holidays

Postby Mullie Grub Clan » Fri Mar 23, 2007 2:01 pm

Big hello to everyone.

We are a fun loving family of 4. Chick and Shane are both 36, we have 2 boys aged 5.5 and 8 and a dotti dog. We are a fun loving family who love beach camping, fishing, boating, water sports, BBQ's and heaps more.

We would like to find other families or non family people to form a social group.

We go up to Teewah Beach and beach camp over the Christmas school holidays for 2 weeks.

Our idea of spending our days camping and not camping.

Exploring - driving along the beach and tracks to see if we can find turtles and other interesting things, looking for shells, and looking for those huge lizzards (so the boys say),

Fishing - We can fish for hours and hours when they are bitting. Boat and beach fishing.

On your bike - We go to the local recycling section at our local dump and buy the boys a bike to take to the beach.... it sets us back $10.00 in total and then we take them back to the dump when we get back home. They ride and ride along the beach for hours and hours. Us big kids ride our bikes at home.

Swimming - Great way for us all to wake up in the mornings. We go for heaps and heaps of swims and build sandcastles for the boys.

Eating - For some reason we eat lots while we are away.

BBQ's - Most of our cooking is done on the BBQ.

Sailing - We all love sailing.

Boating - We have a ski boat and go for day trips skiing, tubing etc.

We top the day off with sitting around the camp fire for hours drinking a few beers, rum, and cordial/softdrink for the boys.

Drinkers and smokers welcome, no funny stuff but.

SO come on, send us an email and lets get a social group started.
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Postby Scolers » Fri Mar 23, 2007 3:11 pm

Hi and welcome to the site ... there are a few Brissy ppl here and they advertsie when they go so hopefully you might be able to meet up with a few of them.

Good luck!

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Postby Ozzycamperboy » Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:28 pm

Halllooooooo, welcome....

And since this thread got the 1st reply, i'll delete the other 3 identical ones, cause it will just get confusing otherwise :lol:
Life's too short to be grumpy, SMILE :mrgreen:
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Postby freerocketman1 » Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:57 pm

welcome to the forum :hello: we love going up to double island too but seeing that we have two dogs weve been going over to stradie & down to beaudesert, as scolers said we usualy let everyone know when were going away. look forward to seeing you all. :*** yes another queenslander :armsup
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Postby Kramer » Sat Mar 24, 2007 11:52 am

Welcome, and yes the QLDers are taking over! Even scolers is coming to the sunny state :armsup
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Postby Scolers » Sat Mar 24, 2007 12:46 pm

Kramer wrote:Welcome, and yes the QLDers are taking over! Even scolers is coming to the sunny state :armsup

It's true!!! I'm swapping my 'Sandgroper' status to become a 'Bananabender' ... hope it doesn't make me a 'Banana Groper'! ::()


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Postby craigo, ness and twins » Sat Dec 29, 2007 10:23 am

new to this so may ask stupid q,s. but where do you access beach to go to teewah?
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Postby kazzakanary » Sat Dec 29, 2007 10:39 am

Isn't it up near Colum/Noosa? - a little barge
Teewah is Double Island yeah??
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Postby Troyk » Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:11 am

You can access it from Rainbow Beach as well.
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Postby freerocketman1 » Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:41 pm

you can catch a barge from tewantin cost $5.00 for a car each way, just remember to pay for your camp permit at the ranger station before you get on the barge as they have changed the rules up there.
if going from rainbow beach check with the rangers if mudlo rocks are passable, if not youse the fresh water track.
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Postby Mullie Grub Clan » Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:08 am

Teewah beach is a middle section between Double Island... Double Island is the point at the lighthouse end closest to Rainbow Beach and the other end is Noosa.
To get there....
1. you can take the ferry at Moorindil Street at Tewantin.
2. drive to Rainbow Beach go along the beach and cut through Leisha track. "4 x 4 only" rough track
3. Rainbow Beach Rd then take the Freshwater Road at low tide only
4. Rainbow Beach Rd the take Kings Bore Rd "4 x 4 only" rough track
The easiest way to go for the first time is via the ferry then you can go and check out the other ways for things to do while you are there.
No car permit is needed.
Heres all the info

Cooloola lies between the coastal towns of Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach. It is about 240km or two to three hours’ drive north of Brisbane. Conventional access to Cooloola is limited. The best way to see this part of the park is by walking or four-wheel-driving.

For northern Cooloola, beach access is possible from Rainbow Beach or Tewantin (near Noosa). Access from Tewantin is across the Noosa River by vehicle ferry at Moorindal Street and then via the beach access points at Noosa North Shore. Travel north along the beach to Teewah, Freshwater and Rainbow Beach. Mudlo Rocks (in front of Rainbow Beach township) may impede travel. Check beach conditions before you go.

The Cooloola Way, another access road into Cooloola, passes through the western catchment and links the Rainbow Beach Road with the Kin Kin-Wolvi Road. The track is only accessible by 4WD vehicle. Some sections may be impassable after wet weather — check conditions before travelling.

Conventional (2WD) vehicles can drive to Bymien picnic area from the Rainbow Beach Road. Turn off 4km south of Rainbow Beach, onto 3km of unsealed road. The 16km sand road from Bymien to Freshwater campground and day-use area, and beyond to Teewah Beach, is 4WD only. Inland tracks are not suitable for caravans. Camper trailers must have good clearance.

Please read the advice below on safe sand driving.

Summary of visitor areas in northern Cooloola

Walking tracks

Bymien picnic area
2WD, walk
4, 5, 8, 9 Walking tracks
Toilets, picnic tables

Freshwater campground
4WD, walk
6 Walking tracks
Toilets, showers, phone, camping, water (untreated)

Freshwater day-use area
4WD, walk
6 Walking tracks
Toilets, picnic tables, barbecues, outdoor shower, water (untreated)

Beach camping service point 4WD, walk 6 Portable toilet disposal facility, outdoor shower, water (untreated)
Freshwater Lake
7,8 Walking tracks

Double Island Point
4WD, walk
10 Walking tracks

Teewah Beach
10 Walking tracks

Poverty Point

Seary’s Creek
3 Walking tracks
Toilets, picnic tables

QPWS — Rainbow Beach
1, 2, 9 Walking tracks
Toilets, picnic tables, information centre

Cooloola Way
11 Walking tracks
None - Facilities

Freshwater track
9 Walking tracks
None - Facilities

Wheelchair accessibility
Wheelchair-accessible facilities are available at Freshwater campground, Freshwater day-use area and Bymien picnic area.

Park features
Sand, wind and water have sculpted a varied landscape at Cooloola, the largest remnant of coastal vegetation on southern Queensland's mainland. High sand dunes, coloured sand cliffs, sweeping beaches, sandblows, freshwater lakes, tall forests, paperbark swamps and wildflower heaths make this a spectacular part of Great Sandy National Park.

Cooloola is a refuge for plants and animals whose habitats have dwindled with coastal development. Some of the animals living here, such as the Cooloola acid frogs and ground parrot, are rare or threatened with extinction, and the park has one of the few remaining emu populations in coastal Queensland.

For thousands of years, Cooloola has been a special place for Aboriginal people. Through timber-getting, agriculture and sandmining, Cooloola has undergone many changes in the past 150 years. Today, Cooloola protects valuable coastal ecosystem remnants and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Queensland.

Camping and accommodation
Freshwater campground map
Northern Cooloola offers camping in beautiful natural surroundings. Camp only in designated camping areas — penalties apply for camping in a restricted area.

Rangers may visit your camp during the day to check permits and to answer questions.

Freshwater campground is 8km south of Double Island Point along Teewah Beach (4WD access only). The campground (55 sites) is set among scribbly gum woodland about 500m inland from the beach. Sites must be pre-booked at all times of the year.

Bring $1 coins for hot showers. Campfires are not permitted. Cook with fuel stoves in all campsites. Free gas barbecues are provided in the nearby day-use area.

Teewah Beach camping area is a 15km zone between Noosa Shire boundary and Little Freshwater Creek. No facilities are provided. Preferably bring a portable toilet. Generators are permitted between 7am–9pm. Maximum length of stay is 22 days.

Please be aware that beach camping is not permitted from Double Island Point west to Rainbow Beach, north of Little Freshwater Creek, nor south of Noosa Shire boundary.

Poverty Point is an undeveloped camping area overlooking the small seaside town of Tin Can Bay. The turn off to Poverty Point is 13km south of Rainbow Beach off Rainbow Beach Road. The camping area is a further 6km from the turn-off on a 4WD-only track. No facilities are provided.

Camping permits are required prior to camping at all sites, and fees apply.

If you cannot book online, book by telephoning 13 13 04 (24 hours).
Bookings can also be made in person at the QPWS Rainbow Beach and Tewantin information centres.
Permits for camping may be purchased at selected Bill EXPRESS agents. A vending machine located at QPWS Rainbow Beach provides 24 hour permit access.
Other accommodation
There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around Rainbow Beach, Tewantin and Noosa North Shore. For more information see the tourism information links below.

Things to do
Walking is a good way to experience Northern Cooloola. Tracks range from short circuits to long hikes and lead to some of the park's best features.

Roads through the park allow visitors to explore Cooloola's magnificent natural features. Take time to plan your trip and enjoy the area's highlights.

Teewah Beach is suitable for 4WD vehicles only. The 40km stretch of beach provides access to the Teewah Beach camping zone, Freshwater campground and Double Island Point.

Cooloola Way is suitable for 4WD vehicles only. The 32km dirt road connects Rainbow Beach Road and the Kin Kin–Wolvi Road. It passes through Cooloola's western catchment, a low area of wallum banksia which flowers prolifically in spring, and taller forests with scenic views east over the Cooloola sandmass. This road has access points to parts of the 48km Cooloola Wilderness Trail — a wonderful walk in spring.

Freshwater Road is a rough 19km track that passes through Cooloola's diverse plant communities. From the woodlands of the west, 2WD vehicles can drive 3km to the rainforest around Bymien picnic area. The road winds on, suitable for 4WD only, through tall blackbutt forest, scribbly gum woodland and coastal banksia communities, and then continues to the Freshwater campground and day-use area or 500m further to Teewah Beach.

Kings Bore Track off Rainbow Beach Road (10km south of Rainbow Beach) passes through open forest, with stands of blackbutt, tallowwood and pockets of rainforest. The track continues to Teewah Beach as a steep one-way track that requires careful driving. The entire trip totals 18km one-way (allow one hour). A circuit drive is possible by taking a northern branch off Kings Bore Track (circuit totals 40km — see map). This is a remote, unsigned track and visitors should be self-sufficient and carry sufficient vehicle recovery gear.

Fishing is popular along Teewah Beach and at Inskip Peninsula. On the beach, all refuse from fish cleaning, including offal, scales and unused bait, should be buried at least 30cm deep just below the high tide line. Bag limits and size restrictions apply to some fish species. Details are available from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Drinking water
Fresh water is available from the Freshwater campground and day-use area. Treat all water before drinking — use water treatment tablets or boil for at least 5-10 minutes.

Fuel stoves preferred

Firewood is not provided. Collecting bush wood (even twigs) from the national park is illegal. Only bring milled, untreated timber off-cuts, not bush timber. It helps to reduce risk of introducing pests and plant diseases.

Extra hints
Sand pegs, tarpaulins, extra poles, ropes and torches come in handy.
If camping at Freshwater campground, bring $1 coins for hot showers.
Bring small sealable canisters for cigarette butts. Don't discard butts in the park.
Reduce packaging at home and limit the amount of rubbish brought onto the park.
Opening hours
The Great Sandy National Park, Cooloola Section is open 24 hours a day. Information centres are located at Rainbow Beach (open 7am to 4pm) and Tewantin (open 8am to 4pm), 7 days a week (except Christmas Day).

Permits and fees
All camping areas within the national park require a camping permit and fees apply. Permits must be obtained prior to arrival. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite.

Book your campsite on line.
If you cannot book on line, book by telephoning 13 13 04 (24 hours).
Bookings can also be made in person at the QPWS Rainbow Beach and Tewantin information centres.
Permits for camping may be purchased at selected Bill EXPRESS agents. A vending machine located at QPWS Rainbow Beach provides 24 hour permit sales.
Camping tags are available for collection at QPWS Tewantin and Rainbow Beach, and at the entrance to Freshwater campground.
On-the-spot fines apply for camping without a valid permit or not prominently displaying your camping tag.

Domestic animals are not permitted in Great Sandy National Park.

Climate and weather
The Cooloola region enjoys a mild, subtropical climate. The average daily temperature range is 22 to 30 degrees Celsius in summer and 12 to 22 degrees Celsius in winter.

Fuel and supplies
Fuel and supplies are available at Rainbow Beach and Tewantin.

Staying safe
To enjoy a safe visit to this area, please:

Check for any park closures or warnings (fire, flood, track and campsite closures).

Safe sand driving
Sand driving can be dangerous or cause serious damage to the environment unless great care is taken. The beach has hazards including washouts, particularly after heavy rain and rough seas. Wave action may expose dangerous rocks. Check beach conditions before setting out and know your tide times.

Travel around low tide
Plan to drive around low tide and avoid driving the two hours either side of high tide. Always drive to suit the conditions because some areas are more affected by tidal activity and onshore winds. For safety, avoid travelling at night.

Mudlo Rocks
Mudlo Rocks are just south of the beach access ramp at Rainbow Beach. These rocks are generally impassable at high tide, and often at low tide as well, depending on conditions. Only attempt the crossing if you have the experience to do so. Use extreme caution at all times. Conditions change daily — always check first.

Leisha Track
Continuing natural erosion of sand at the northern entrance to the Leisha Track may at times impede travel. The track may become inaccessible towards high tide – plan to travel at or near low tide. Please do not park on the Leisha Track.

Campfires are permitted at Poverty Point and Teewah Beach. Use a pre-existing campfire site and bring your own milled, untreated timber. It is an offence to collect bush wood from the national park. Never leave a fire unattended and extinguish with water, not sand.

Look after Cooloola's freshwater lakes and waterways
Do not use soap, sunscreen, toothpaste or detergent in lakes or waterways. Doing so will promote the growth of algae and affect the purity of the water. Wash yourself and your dishes well away from waterways. Do not redirect streams or create small dams as harmful bacteria may accumulate and these areas attract cane toads.

If camping without toilet facilities, it’s best to bring a portable toilet. A disposal facility is located at the Freshwater day-use area. If bush toileting, bury all faecal matter and toilet paper in a hole at least 45cm deep and at least 50m from watercourses, tracks and campsites. Bag tampons, sanitary pads, disposable nappies and cigarette butts and put them in a bin later, as they all have parts that do not decompose.

Park management
The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manage Cooloola as a protected area to conserve its natural and cultural resources. The area is protected to the high water mark under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. The Great Sandy Region Management Plan 1994-2010 guides the management of the area.

Tourism information links
Cooloola Regional Development Bureau
Lake Alford, 24 Bruce Highway, Gympie QLD 4570
ph (07) 5483 6411 or 1800 444 222
fax (07) 5483 6411

Noosa Visitor Information Centre
Hastings Street, Noosa Heads QLD 4567
ph (07) 5447 4988 or 1800 448 883
fax (07) 5474 9494

For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see

Further information
EPA Customer Service Centre
160 Ann Street, Brisbane
PO Box 15155, City East QLD 4002
ph (07) 3227 8185
fax (07) 3227 8749

Smart Service (for camping bookings)
ph 13 13 04
fax 1300 300 768

QPWS Great Sandy Information Centre
240 Moorindil St, Tewantin
PO Box 818, Tewantin QLD 4565
ph (07) 5449 7792
fax (07) 5449 7357

QPWS Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach
PO Box 30, Rainbow Beach QLD 4581
ph (07) 5486 3160
fax (07) 5486 3335
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