Horse back camping?

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Postby WaikatoValuta » Sat Apr 14, 2007 7:40 pm

They are phasing them into rodeo’s, but it takes time to change things. The only time I have ever been to hospital from a horse related injury was when my horse head butted me and knocked me out. If I’d had my helmet on I would have been ok.

I understand you thinking they look stupid, personally I don’t mind the look, but I know others who do. I find it very narrow minded of people to not want to use a helmet because it looks “gay”. What wrong with “Gay” people anyway?

Anyway lets not get into the “gay" debate, this is after all a camping site. Simple fact is unless you borrow some horses off a friend and find somewhere to ride on public land you will have to wear one.

Not all horse people are bitchy. A lot; YES. All; NO. I don’t have the money, the property or the 4WD but I do manage to keep a horse as a pet. I make do without other things like eating out, smoking and drinking. Most of us are quite down to earth, we just don’t like concussion and don’t understand people who do. :-bang

Here is a link to another place:

I know there was a place in Tretham that I went to a few years ago that allowed you to hire a few horses and take of for a few days, I supose once your out of site of the barn they can't make you wear it.
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