WA - Pilbara Holidy Park, Karratha

WA - Pilbara Holidy Park, Karratha

Postby willtravel » Wed May 02, 2007 8:06 pm

Just arrived home from the North West after a stay in the Pilbara Holiday Park in Rosemary Road Karratha.
What a lovely park and very friendly staff, amenities are clean and modern, the pool is lovely and my 2 boys loved havin Foxtel in the TV Room.
Unfortunately one thing did spoil this wonderful getaway, and that was the early morning procession of vehicles leaving the park from about 4am onwards...and I'm not talking about a couple of cars that might wake you then let you get back to sleep. OH NOOOO, I'm talking about a car going past every 3 mins or so for about an hour or more. These weren't fellow travellers trying to hit the track early, these cars belong to workers who live permanently in the park. With the resources boom the way it is and lack of housing, these guys and gals have no other option than to live in villas and vans in the Park. So this is an every morning thing.
The lay out of the park is very unfortunate as they have one way traffic and all the sites for travellers are located close to the exit, so you cop every car going out.
So although this is a beautiful park, I don't think anyone could put up with too many early mornings.
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