The value of heritage

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The value of heritage

Postby Blue Bravo » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:17 pm

After our recent trip I have started to wonder about the fees and charges that are asked for by Governments.

In April we visited Canberra and to visit the National Museum, Art Gallery, War Memeorial etc you are charged nothing - bill picked up by federal government. To visit National Parks usual charge is $7 per vehicle per day (more at Kosciusko) by State Governments though State Art Gallery is free.

The charge to enter the Dig Tree site is $11 per vehicle but other historic sites are free eg the Graves of Burke and Wills. I can assure you that the facilities provided at The Dig Tree are not of the same standard as though of the National Art Gallery et al.

Makes you wonder about various priorites
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Postby SMP » Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:18 pm

Unfortunately if other states are anything like Victioria, the poor buggers at the National Parks are cash strapped and every cent counts. Our Government doesn't mind gazzeting National Parks (good thing) but making funding available to properly maintain and run them is something else. (Bad thing). What they can deliver compared to what they would like to are certainly different things. For me, if you compare it with the $20 for a piece of grass and shared ammenities (along with rowdy neighbours) at a caravan park, I happily pay the fees. I guess it comes back to user pays. There are plenty of tax payers who never leave the city, thankfully. Scott.
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